Business Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on ethical business. We as an organization implement ethical and socially responsible business practices to meet our goals and objectives. This can be achieved by adoption and implementation of high standards of business and marketing conducts to continually satisfy customers and other stakeholders. We aim to provide cost effective solutions with a combination of knowledge and expertise in IT Development, Consulting and Marketing and also enhance business capabilities to effectively manage perceptions of key audiences.

Company Overview

Managix is an IT consulting, development and service providing company. We help organizations and institutions to integrate information technology into their system of operation. We have come up with the intent of successfully planning, deploying and maintaining turnkey systems and projects. At Managix Technology, we are differentiated by our full-service portfolio that allows us to address, diverse customer needs and deliver an integrated, one-stop solution. We aim to provide cost effective solutions with a combination of knowledge and expertise in IT and also enhance business capabilities to effectively manage perceptions of key audiences .

Our Area of Expertise & Industries


Technology and education are pretty intertwined these days and nearly every school or college requires technology to smoothen and streamline their work. Managix Technology uses its expertise to provide technology consulting to educational organizations.


We specialize in planning, consulting and managing successful web 2.0 and e-commerce sites, and in that regard, we review your business model and help you define your business strategy, goals as well as specific methods to achieve them. We define and execute a professional web marketing and PR strategy, help you manage the process of creation of your project through all stages of development.

Construction & Real Estate

The construction industry is facing a number of pressures to decrease costs, improve productivity and have a competitive edge in terms of quality of service and customer satisfaction. Recent advancements in mobile technology provide new avenues for addressing this situation.

Health Care

The importance of healthcare to individuals and governments and its growing costs to the economy have contributed to the emergence of healthcare as an important area of research for scholars in business and other disciplines. Information systems (IS) have much to offer in managing healthcare costs and in improving the quality of care.

Government & NGOs

As IT grows hugely more cost-effective, it is used not only for incremental changes (automating pre-existing work flows, such as payroll), but for quantum changes (inventing fundamentally new work flows, such as services delivered over the Internet). These require organizational changes that can be implemented strong partnerships with different organizations and IT experts.


Managix helps Retail business to integrate turn-key solutions into their system of operation. Our expertise involves implementing technology into logistics, inventory, sales, marketing and promotion etc.

  • Abdurrahman Yamin Director, Ibaanah High School

    We have been using MESO for over a year now, MESO has helped us to manage our school very effectively and efficiently, the day-to-day activities are recorded in the application and the I can check the reports online from anywhere. Moreover, its very easy to use.

  • Ismail Khurram MD, ECOSMART Waste Management PVT LTD

    "CUSTOMIZED ERP" We needed a customized solution for our company activities, Managix came up with a cloud based solution and provided us an ERP. Now I can manage all my sites in different cities, generate income/expense report and keep a track of all the activities. That is what we needed.

Our Skills

Web Design
Web Development
Mobile Development
IT Consulting

Meet Our Team

We work with forward thinking clients to create beautiful, honest and amazing things that bring positive results.

Shiraz Imam

Technology Consultant

Shiraz is responsible for day-to-day-operations, as well as leading the company’s product development and technology strategy. Has over 6 years of experience in IT and provides consulting and IT solutions to clients and customers according to their requirements and business process. Shiraz holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering from DIT, Dehradun. He is a member and advisor of the DIT Alumni Association and mentors students of his University. He has received several awards and accolades. He is also an avid toastmaster

Danish Ashraf

Operations Manager

Danish directs, administers, and coordinates the internal operational activities of the organization in accordance with policies, goals, and objectives established by the Board of Directors. Leads and directs the functions and business units viz operations, human resources, information systems, traffic, new business coordination, and agency promotion and communication. Assists the team in the development of organization policies and goals that cover operations, personnel, financial performance, and growth of the functions and business units.

Syed Shadab Warsi

Business Consultant

Shadab's work focuses on business, marketing and strategic financial investments, he has worked closely with business giants enhancing the effectiveness of consulting, and scaling solutions that work. He helps clients solve business problems with technology solutions by interacting directly with key client stakeholders to design and implement web-based software applications that help clients increase revenue, decrease costs and improve operational efficiencies. From development of internal applications to public websites, he has helped in transforming some of big companies.